Because we offer individual services or an overall concept.

From the initial enquiry to customs clearance

Confidence in FT's range of services and expertise stretches from numerous Swiss wholesalers to producers from all over Europe to Spanish strawberry growers. To be precise, FT offers the following services:

  1. Needs assessment 
    Daily market evaluation using an electronic order book.
  2. Target-performance comparison 
    Enough goods in the cold store? If necessary, we will order more from the producer.
  3. Picking 
    Checking ordering processes and picking products in the cold store, including repackaging and labelling.
  4. Daily stock check 
    Stock checks by our experts.
  5. Quality control 
    Our fruit and vegetable experts ensure that only goods that are perfectly fresh in accordance with your individual quality standards are delivered."
  6. Waste disposal 
    We can sort out poor-quality goods for you and take them to be destroyed.
  7. Transport 
    Collection from the cold store or producer and distribution to the markets. Goods are transported in modern trailers with two temperature zones.
  8. Administration 
    We take care of every stage of the order, including preparation of delivery notes, invoices, provision of statistics, etc.
  9. Customs clearance 
    By our Customs Services department if required.